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50 blogs in 50 days: the story of the housing crisis (#homesforbritain)


On March 17, Homes for Britain is staging the biggest housing rally in a generation! 2,500 representatives from across the housing sector will come together in the heart of Westminster to urge all political parties to back our call: end the housing crisis within a generation.

In the next 50 days leading up to the Rally, we’ll be publishing a series of 50 blogs to tell the stories of the housing crisis from the ground up. We’ll be hearing lots of different voices of how the housing crisis affects people from across the country, and what people want to see done about it.

Everyone agrees there is a housing crisis but few realise how it affects them. For some of us, it means a long daily commute because we can’t afford to live and work in the same place. For others, it’s having children living at home long into adulthood because that’s the only way they can save enough for a deposit to buy their own home. Too many families are living in cramped or otherwise unsuitable conditions because it’s all they can afford. We’re failing to recognise the housing crisis where regeneration is the solution. If we are to end the housing crisis, everyone needs to recognise the symptoms of it in their own lives.

Most of us aren’t even sure who is responsible for tackling this mess. It is our politicians who have the power to enable the changes necessary to end the housing crisis. And the only way they are going to support this campaign is if the voter demands it. Public support is now essential to the success of Homes for Britain.

Over the next 50 days, please help us get the support we need by sharing these posts which illustrate how variously this housing crisis affects us all. For more information, or if you’d like to contribute to this blog, please email me.


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Written by James Grant | Posted on 27th January 2015

James is a Digital Officer at the National Housing Federation and is managing the Homes for Britain blog. | Email: james.grant@housing.org.uk | Tel: 020 7067 1189 | Mob: 0777 583 85 31 | Twitter: @bristoljames |

Website: http://www.housing.org.uk