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Announcing the next phase of #HomesForBritain: Amplify the Message

Yarlington Housing Group Homes for Britain billboard

Since Homes for Britain launched in September, it is fair to say that the campaign has taken over most of my waking hours – and some of my sleeping hours too.

We’ve achieved a lot already. Homes for Britain and its supporters have been telling MPs and election candidates that they must end the housing crisis, whether at political party conferences, through social media or in campaign Christmas cards.

That message has reached more than 500 politicians so far, but we want to make sure the message reaches them all – and that they do something about it!

So today we are launching milestone 4 of the campaign, which we are calling ‘Amplifying the Message’. It may not be as catchy a name as Ho Ho Homes for Britain (which was my idea!), but this is the really exciting part of the campaign. This is where it gets bigger, louder and stronger.

Some great things are already planned. We’ve enlisted the help of one of the best agencies in the country to create an advertising campaign for us. A Homes for Britain bus will be making its way from Land’s End to London, highlighting housing issues along the way. Keen housing association folk from the North will be running, cycling and walking down to London.

But we still need you to get involved.

We’ve produced a range of materials to make it as easy as possible. We’ve got posters for voters’ windows or company noticeboards, some rather snazzy pin badges to show your support and postcards to give out at events or down the pub…

For organisations with access to billboards, vans or any other big public spaces, we can provide campaign artwork. Yarlington Housing Association in Yeovil is ahead of the curve and put up a billboard last week (see image), but we’d love to see posters in every city, town and village in the country.

These are just some ways you can help to get the message out there, but every day supporters tell us about their new and creative ideas. Whether you’re dressing up in a house costume, making a Homes for Britain bus stop or painting your dog with the Homes for Britain logo*, I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned.

(*only the last one of these hasn’t happened yet)


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Written by Justine Harvey | Posted on 9th February 2015

Justine Harvey is Communications Officer at the National Housing Federation, working as part the team leading on the Homes for Britain campaign.

  • Kathleen Kelly

    I love the idea of painting my dog Justine, not sure if she’d sit still long enough but she already enjoys joining in NHF meetings whenever I dial in from home so she clearly wants to join the campaign!!