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Countdown to the General Election: what’s next for Homes for Britain

Over 2,000 people attended the Homes for Britain Rally on March 17. It felt like a moment where the whole housing sector and beyond called time on the housing crisis.

What next?

Our hope is to turn the moment at the Rally into a movement for lasting change. On 8 April, the next phase of the Homes for Britain campaign Milestone 6 begins: what we’re calling ‘the home straight’. We need the public to shout loudly about the housing crisis in the final weeks before polling.

Already, we have got off to a good start. Thousands of people have responded to Homes for Britain advertising campaign and have decided they’d rather be voice than a victim of the housing crisis.

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Countdown to the General Election: 5 actions for 5 weeks

These activities are just a starter, we really want you to be as creative as you can in these remaining weeks.

8 April 2015: Renters and Movers Day                          

We know people who rent or who’ve moved home recently are less likely to be registered to vote, even though you can register online and it only takes just a few minutes (the last day for registrations is on 20 April). Help get the message out there during Renters and Movers Day on 8 April:

  • Download the Electoral Commission’s Renters and Movers Day campaign pack
  • Participate in the Electoral Commission’s Renters and Movers Day by encouraging your staff and residents to register to vote
  • Organising a registration drive in your community

13 April 2015: Talk to your candidates

Thousands of people from across the housing sector have supported the Homes for Britain campaign. But have you told your local elections candidates that this is an issue that matters to them?

Let’s show local candidates that local people want an end to the housing crisis. Here’s how you can make this happen:

20 April 2015: Share a Homes for Britain selfie

During the final few weeks of the election period, candidates will try to meet as many local people as possible. This is an opportunity for you to let them know about Homes for Britain and our call to end the housing crisis.  Face to face conversations have the greatest impact:

  • Invite your local candidates to meet your colleagues and residents
  • Ask them to share a Homes for Britain selfie
  • Take our challenge to get a selfie with as many candidates as possible
  • Challenge your candidates to answer the questions on the Question Card

27 April 2015: Create a local splash

Homes for Britain has already got been in the media across the country. We need to keep the pressure up in the final weeks. Ask your PR team to create a local media opportunity to promote Homes for Britain and ending the housing crisis. Get creative by taking following actions:

  • Organise a local media stunt to get the housing crisis in your local newspapers
  • Encourage your staff and colleagues to write to their local newspapers

5 May 2015: Housing day of online action

Let’s harness online support to keep housing on the agenda on the final week of the election campaign. We really want to create a buzz on this day by:

  • Tweeting as many election candidates across the country

Next week we will make available more tools and resources for supporter organisations to fully participate in these activities.

For more information, please email me – John.Pierce@housing.org.uk.


Written by John Pierce | Posted on 2nd April 2015

John is the public engagement lead on the Homes for Britain campaign

Website: http://homesforbritain.org.uk