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Families are being broken and divided in order to exist

I know what the housing crisis has been like for me and my family. We had to wait over 13 years to gain a home with a registered social landlord after living in a house that was deemed unfit for human habitation. My daughter and I both suffered from severe health issues during this time.

I now see my friends’ children unable to pay rent to private landlords. I see families locally that are now moving back to live with their parents as they are unable to pay the rent that is demanded. We live in very rural Devon and our nearest town has built just 22 houses for affordable rent in the last 20 years. Families are being separated, broken and divided in order to exist. We in Devon are not alone in having low wages; there are many areas in the UK with people trying to exist on a low income. Young people with relatively good jobs are simply unable to get a mortgage and are having to group together in multiple occupancy houses and flats in order to rent a property.

I work for National Family Mediation and we hear so many sad stories of families unable to move out of a home due to lack of funds. Parents who want custody of the children only in order to increase their ranking on the housing waiting list. These families are in a bleak situation and are the ones at the sharp end of the housing crisis.

When you read of the numbers involved it’s eye-watering; 90,000 children homeless over the Christmas period and 5 million stuck in the private rented trap unable to afford the deposit for a mortgage. The costs of private rent place nearly 4 million families close to breaking point each month and are 1 pay cheque away from losing their home (www.shelter.org.uk). These facts are shocking I am delighted that my landlord DCH is supporting Homes for Britain campaign to try and end the housing crisis within a generation.

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Written by Nicola Tucker | Posted on 7th March 2015

Nicola Tucker, along with her children, has been a DCH resident for 8 years in a small Devon village. She has been an active resident in DCH groups and the local community for approx 6 years. Nicola is a member of DCH ServiceWatch resident scrutiny group and she has recently obtained Level 3 Chartered Institute of Housing in Resident Scrutiny. She also works for the charity National Family Mediation who provide mediation for families in conflict especially those who are divorcing or separating.

Website: http://www.dchgroup.com/