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The history of regeneration shows quick fixes are not sustainable – we need to commit to long term plans


Regeneration is a theme that most people recognise but seldom define. It feels positive and purposeful so why are so many regeneration programmes ultimately perceived as not achieving their original vision?

At Aspire we work in some of the most deprived areas nationally, one of our core neighbourhoods Knut ton and Cross Heath was targeted as a housing market renewal area. Regeneration is at the heart of what we do, linking development of new homes with targeted social, economic and environmental projects to support the turnaround of neighbourhoods. We have achieved significant success in the most challenging market conditions, developing new homes and supporting the regeneration of key neighbourhoods.

Critical to this is establishing the conditions where developers are confident to invest and develop new homes, creating new markets for housing and diversifying the housing offer within the community. Areas like North Staffordshire need the continuing support of public resources working to lever private sector investment to encourage and support housing led regeneration.

We need to commit to long term plans – the history of regeneration shows quick fixes and short term investments are not sustainable. Working with partners and the community we need to plan the development of neighbourhoods.

New homes and a range of choice are crucial, but these need to be supported by good local facilities including schools, primary heath provision, employment opportunities and local services. That’s why we support our housing investments with neighbourhood plans working with local partners and supporting key areas such as employment and training through our training company PM Training, leveraging opportunities through our neighbourhood investment.

In a time of less public resources we need to target effectively and align services locally to increase the impact of what we do, developing the conditions for new homes, inward investment and sustainable regeneration.

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Written by Tim Edwards | Posted on 12th February 2015

Tim Edwards is Group Head of Regeneration at Aspire Housing. He has been with Aspire for eight years and undertaken a range of roles across the Group. Born in Stoke, Tim has a strong commitment to the local area and its wider regeneration. He is a member of the Enterprising Futures executive team with responsibility for business development, quality and performance. He also has responsibility for the management of Social Enterprise West Midlands, Realise our group charity and the regeneration and employment and skills teams which support neighbourhood and communities to maximise their potential.

Website: http://www.aspirehousing.co.uk/