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Homes for Britain #relaytotherally from Liverpool to Warrington

Pic for Andy Williams blog

A brief resume of the Liverpool to Warrington leg for Homes for Britain.

From a twinkle of an idea from Jon Lord at Bolton at Home that we should walk to London to support the campaign, a few hardy souls took up the challenge, inspired by Katie Teasdale from the National Housing Federation, and made it happen!

image 10

Pierhead, Liverpool – surely there is no better starting place for any rally and many thanks to Liverpool Council for allowing us to start at such an iconic landmark.

It’s a unique backdrop and 100 or so walkers and runners gathered in the cold wind to pose for a few pics while Nick Atkin and I spoke on Snelly’s show on BBC Radio Merseyside (listen again here, 1 hour 27 minutes in) to highlight the fact that there is a housing crisis and that it must become an important electoral issue that the next Government prioritises and looks to address with a proper long-term policy.


The Liverpool Echo photographer took dozens of photos and made us run a few extra hundred metres along the waterfront.  He made me think that our very own Sharon Connor should be the standard bearer for the campaign! [picture]

Then at a little after 9.00am we are off and heading toward Knowsley through Old Swan… just how fast is Tony from KHT as he runs off into distance?!

Somehow Nick and I got lost along the way and did a little tour of Huyton.

Those lovely people at First Ark provided Chocolate and Lucozade – just the ticket, and by way of payment in kind, the runners left their board room smelling of liniment.

image 11

More photos and then it’s off to Helena joined by another 50 strong group of walkers/runners with people along the way beeping their horns and offering encouragement – thanks!

Somehow me and Nick got lost (again) – just how many extra miles do we have to do?

Warm welcome at Torus and the vibe in the room is just so positive – people are buzzing and UP for HOMES FOR BRITAIN! Really inspiring!

image 3

And then it’s the last leg of the day to Golden Gates in Warrington, with all the gang safely arriving by 5.25pm! The end of the day massage was hugely welcome as a number of us had covered all 21 miles (well 23 miles for me and Nick). We even had to prise the key from Alix of Riverside – she had carried it all day and I think even wanted to take it home with her!

We wanted the day to be great and it was. That was down to the walkers and runners and our wonderful organisers and pit stop crew – big shout out to Laura, Vikki, Terry and so many others. Can I say what a top companion Nick was today – really helped me do those miles and is a true friend.

Over a dozen landlords took part from Merseyside and Cheshire and the campaign is absolutely the right one.

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Let’s get HOMES FOR BRITAIN on the electoral agenda and end this Housing Crisis!

What have I learnt? BELIEF IS ALL!

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Written by Andy Williams | Posted on 13th March 2015

Andy Williams is Director of Neighbourhood Services at Liverpool Housing Trust

Website: http://www.lht.co.uk/