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Parents involve your children in the Homes for Britain campaign – competition to design their dream home

Back in 2007, my (now) husband and I purchased our first home. Our timing was terrible – it was right at the peak of the ‘boom’, house prices were soaring out of control and we were in the grips of a recession. Our fear was that if we didn’t do it then, we’d never be able to do it! Pessimistic? Absolutely… Were we right? Quite possibly!

Although we’d worked incredibly hard to buy our first property, it was never something we took for granted, and eight years on we feel lucky to have got onto the property ladder when we did. Why? Because we continue to witness the difficulties that our friends and family are experiencing when looking to do the same, and it’s no surprise considering first time buyers need £30,000 for a deposit!!

Our daughter is only three years old, yet like most parents we spend 100% of our time thinking about her future and how we can do the very best for her. How will she adjust to ‘big’ school in September? Will she want to go to University and will the costs be as astronomical as they are now? And what will we need to do to support her getting on to the property ladder, should the situation not improve?

Even though I support Homes for Britain on a professional level, the impact of the housing crisis does make me think more about our daughter’s future. There’s no question that action needs to taken now. Rather than looking at who’s to blame, we need to focus on making a positive difference for our future generations.

Radian is encouraging parents to involve their children in the Homes for Britain campaign by entering our competition to design their ‘dream home’, with the chance to win some great prizes! Head to www.radian.co.uk/win for more details.

Written by Rachel Vincent | Posted on 19th March 2015

Rachel Vincent is Internal Communications at Radian

Website: http://www.radian.co.uk/abouts/homes-for-britain/hfb-win