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Pool resources and join forces to end the housing crisis


We all have the right to a roof over our head. But the lack of decent, affordable housing has never been more apparent. For decades we have failed to build enough new homes. But when the recession hit, belts were tightened so much that construction became a casualty. Redundancy, a failure to attract new talent and lack of training opportunities resulted in a skills gap – a problem that has had a huge impact in Suffolk, and has prevented lots of companies from taking advantage of growth in the sector.

So what can we do?

To make a difference we need to pool resources and join forces with organisations from every corner of the housing world. Our team at the New Anglia LEP construction sector group Building Growth have plans to create 95,000 more jobs, 10,000 new businesses and 117,000 new houses. To do this we are focusing on collaboration, something at the heart of the Homes for Britain campaign.

We are bringing together a wide range of organisations in the construction and development industry including builders, architects and local authority and community group representatives. And this connectivity is resulting in a common purpose and focus.

We recognise need to recruit more people into the construction industry. We are encouraging employers to train staff and take on apprentices.

We are also engaging people in our locality to help them understand that development can help grow and improve their community.

We believe that this will help create the homes and jobs that the country desperately needs.

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Written by Dayle Bayliss | Posted on 10th March 2015

Dayle Bayliss is an award-winning chartered surveyor who represents the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership construction sector group Building Growth, talks through the problems in Suffolk and looks for solutions.

Website: http://www.daylebayliss.co.uk/