Why should we end the housing crisis?

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    Nick, Lincoln
  2. A secure and affordable place to live is a basic human need.
    Daniel, Chiswick
  3. I find it hard to believe that the UK cannot house all its citizens when it is the 7th richest country in the world. The Sunday Times Rich List 2015 reports the top 1000 richest people in the UK doubling their already vast wealth since 2009. We need to tax this wealth and use the revenue to build houses and run our public services. It is a scandal.
    Helen, Southampton
  4. Because their is a serious shortage of decent sized family homes.
    Yvonne, Edinburgh
  5. Everyone needs a decent roof over their heads!
    Angela, London
  6. I work for a housing association so see the effect of both a lack of or poor housing on both families and individuals. However my main concern is my family. My daughter who is 28 and lives with her baby and partner in private rented. Her flat is very nice but gives them no security for the future. She had to move from her last home due to the landlord wanting to sell when her baby was a few months old. What will happen when he starts school. A friend of ours their grandson had 7 homes in his 7 years due to this issue. Not a good start for any young person.
    Sally, Basingstoke
  7. The young people need secure homes at low rent, they can then save and aspire to home ownership. We also need to address the skills shortage and materials shortage.
    Bill, Farnborough
  8. Because we need housing to be available to all of our citizens to enable a stable and prosperous society.
    Tim, London
  9. I have worked all my life, I had a mortgage, I am now renting privately, have been asked to move out by June, have two young children, I've been trying to get housed by the council for 7 years to no avail.
    Denise, Bexleyheath
  10. Because I have watched in dismay over the last 30 years the non-action by successive Governments and City Council planners to tackle this issue. Where land has become available, its has been used for a diverse non residential construction, as well as for the High End residential market to make the city look superficially prosperous, scratch the surface there is a blight on peoples hopes. For many working people and their families, these places are not really suitable for them. I say this is our land, and we have aright to stop these Glass towers being erected to please the speculators, or at least the powers that be should work on share the available land.
    Francis, London
  11. If we don't end the housing crisis what hope is there for our children and their future?
    Fiona, Telford
  12. Every person is entitled to live in dignity and afford basic living!
    Our government is responsible to provide each and every one of us;
    The foundation to clime up the Maslow’s pyramid;
    First of all fresh air, drinkable water, home, food, then;
    Education, training to achieve our potential, to create enough jobs for everyone, and social justice .

    build more affordable homes for every one please.................
    Yehudit, Salford
  13. Too many are on housing waiting lists. Too many cannot afford to buy. Too many are homeless.
    Julian, Leigh-on-Sea
  14. Which ever government looks at this to change it gets my vote.
    Jennifer, Milton Keynes
  15. Many of us struggle to afford to keep a roof over our heads, or become homeless.
    Antonios, London
  16. Because most of us cant afford to live and work locally.
    Susan, London
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