Why should we end the housing crisis?

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  1. It's time that our Government started to put some effort in for the people of this country. We pay top prices for fuel, 20% VAT on everything we buy and pay taxes on our earnings so why doesn't our Government start putting some of this money back into building homes? It is time for change and for this and future Governments to face their responsibilities.
    Robert, St Helens
  2. Because having an affordable and secure home is a basic need for millions of people in the UK. Without this millions of adults and childrens' lives will be disrupted - creating further inequality of opportunities and social problems. The recent proposal by the Conservative government to offer the right to buy to Housing association tenants will make the situation worse.
    Elaine, Bristol
  3. I'll never have my own home in my generation. I live in a horrible council flat because private renting is too expensive even though myself and my partner work full time. I want something better for my child, for his future
    Tina Marie, Birmingham
  4. Our society has evolved so far in terms of technology in the Information Age but we've been unable to provide space for young people who 30/40 years ago would have been able to have their own homes and be able to afford it within their means.
    Hannah, Bristol
  5. The housing shortage is so bad, there is not enough social housing.
    Barbara, Kent
  6. I am sick of having to travel between my parents house and my fiances parents house. It is too expensive to move.. Not just properties.. all the hidden fees that comes with it! I would love to move out, if I could I would, I have continued to save but still no where near the amount I need! It is ridiculous and needs sorting!
  7. My generation are caught in limbo...continue to live at home like teenagers to try to save or face the grim reality of paying half our wages in rent each month. Owning our own home is just a dream at this stage.
    Melanie, Harrow
  8. Everyone needs somewhere to live - a place called home.
    The country should support it's people to be able to have safe homes at reasonable rent or get a mortgage at an affordable cost. Many young people can't leave home and this is not healthy for both parents or children - it's part of the natural process of life to grow up and spread your wings.
    Jewels, Leicester
  9. I think you should end this because there is a lot of adults and young adults that still live with parents because they can't afford to live on their own due to high cost of places.
    Terrise, Thornton Heath
  10. A roof over your head is a basic necessity of life. A house called home can make feel people - especially children - grounded and secure and help them belong and strive better in life. It can encourage optimism and stability in life and bring the suffering down.
    Arooj, Bradford
  11. Every person deserves a home there are service men, men who put their lives on the line for this country that are sleeping on the streets because there are not enough homes . young families forced to rent privately having to live in a dump because that's all they can afford paying well over the going rate for rent.
    Margaret, West Bromwich
  12. This crisis has bèen building for decades, all parties are responsible for neglecting a vital and basic need. It needs rectifying now before homelessness reaches epidemic levels.
    Sharon, Glasgow
  13. Living in London and having to share a small two bedroom flat in a converted Victorian terraced house with my husband , 22 year old son and new baby, we witness this shortage first hand. This Capital is not a rich mans play ground, it is a working mans treadmill!!!
    Something needs to be done and now.
    Michelle, London
  14. An entire generation is being priced out of the housing market, so aspiring to buy your own home is mostly an unachievable dream. We're working harder than ever, but are at the mercy of landlords.
  15. We need low cost housing. My daughter and her daughter have to live with me as they cannot get a council house
    Sandra, Birmingham
  16. All People deserve a home. Its a moral call.
    Nikki, London
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