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Taking the #HomesForBritain message right to the heart of UK politics


For ages now, we’ve been telling anyone who will listen that the housing crisis won’t be solved unless politicians make it happen.

So now we’re taking the message right to the heart of UK politics, to a place that politicians couldn’t ignore even if they tried: Westminster tube station.

Head down to Westminster station any time in March (on your way to our rally, perhaps) and you’ll see posters telling you how insane house prices have become as a result of the housing crisis.

Want to know how much the square footage inside a tube carriage would cost if it were a property in Westminster? That’ll be £618k. An escalator step, if it were a home in Central London? £6,111. Modestly-sized posters would cost thousands of pounds if they were properties in Oxford, Edinburgh, York or Bath.



You might be shocked at the numbers – they even shocked me, and I’ve been working in housing and living in London for three years. Even if you’re too jaded to be surprised at paying more than £6,000 for an escalator step, most people (including the Independent) would agree that the message is impactful.

And we need it to be. It hasn’t been easy, and there’s more work to come (the small matter of a nationwide billboard campaign later this month). But the desperate need to get people talking about the housing crisis is spurring us on, just as it is the brave housing folk who are running, walking, cycling and escorting a bus called Betsy to our rally on 17 March.


They won’t stop, you won’t stop, and neither will we. This is too important. The nation needs #HomesforBritain.

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Written by Clare Bevis Paredes | Posted on 5th March 2015

Clare is Communications Manager at the National Housing Federation and is leading on the advertising for the Homes for Britain campaign

Website: http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/these-posters-are-a-reminder-of-the-crisis-politicians-cant-ig