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Victims of our broken housing system can be seen in all walks of life


Is the term “housing crisis” over dramatic? I hear some people ask. The dictionary defines “crisis” as a period of “intense difficulty or danger” so from my personal and professional experience I would categorically state that “crisis” is probably not dramatic enough.

We have passed the crisis point in the UK and are now in a place where our housing system is broken. The symptoms of this are everywhere we look from the 1.7 million people on local authority waiting lists to the first time buyers who are unable to purchase a home or the private renters struggling to keep a roof over their head.

The victims of our broken housing system can be seen in all walks of life and in all parts of the country. These victims deserve a voice and that’s what Homes for Britain is aiming to do.

Only two General Elections (1945 and 1966) have we seen housing feature as a key issue in regards to manifesto commitments. We need Politicians from all parties to not just listen to this collective voice but to act and make housing a political priority.

Based on current rates of housing supply and demand we will have a shortfall of 2 million homes by 2020. This shortfall will be exacerbated further by population growth in England of 7.2 million people by 2030. This combined means that we must act NOW if we are to effectively deal with the challenges of the present and the future.

As we head towards the General Election politicians and voters have the opportunity to deliver real change and repair our broken housing system. Let’s ensure that housing remains at the forefront of all minds between now and the time that we mark our ballot papers.

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Written by Peter Bond | Posted on 17th February 2015

Peter is Regional Board Member with the CIH North West and Independent Board Member with South Liverpool Housing Group. In 2001 Peter graduated in Politics from the University of Liverpool and held a few different jobs before embarking on a career in housing. In 2006 Peter joined Cosmopolitan HA as a Tenancy Management Officer. This role gave Peter a great deal of experience delivering front line housing and customer services to residents in some of our countries most challenging communities. In 2010 Peter obtained his postgraduate diploma in Housing Studies from De Montfort University and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH). Around this time Peter also became involved with South Liverpool Housing Group initially in the role as Independent Chair of the Scrutiny Panel and more recently as a Board Member. In June 2013 he won the Rising Stars competition that is jointly ran by both the CIH and Inside Housing. Peter is currently a Neighbourhood Team Leader at a North West based Housing Association in addition he is also a Chartered Member of the CIH and a member CIH North West Regional Board.

Website: http://www.slhgroup.co.uk/