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Young or old, the housing crisis affects us all – we need to make a change

I’m a book blogger so this is unusual for me but today I’ll be talking about… Politics. Now, for those of us who are oblivious to the world outside Hogwarts and Narnia, politics might seem like a daunting word. In fact, it probably is for everyone, even for those who happen to be politicians themselves. Trust me, I’m not an expert on politics (after all, I am only eleven) but I do have some idea from my dad and my Year 2 “I’m-gonna-be-a-politician” phase.

My dad works in housing so I do hear more about it than your average eleven-year-old. When he asked me to share my thoughts on what housing meant to me, I was happy to help. I’m used to talking about books on my blog so my starting point was housing within books.

Books have loads of houses within them. From the apparently normal 4 Privet Drive in Harry Potter to Netherfield in Pride and Prejudice, housing has always played a big part in books. In ‘You Choose’ (Nick Sharratt), there is a whole double page spread full of houses, castles, shacks and more. Children are invited to choose their dream house. When I was younger, I’d always choose the fairytale castle with bright pink walls and huge turrets. I doubt that that will be my future home but four year olds can dream! In children’s books, houses are portrayed as places of safety or possibly places to run away from. Sometimes you long to live in these houses but sometimes they make you recoil as you flick through the pages.

I’m not a housing expert, but I know I like my house. I’m lucky to have such a lovely house and I’m lucky to know that I won’t ever be in danger of losing it. It’s safe; there is central heating; it’s on a safe, friendly street; I have my own room and I’m with my family.

However, just going to my school (which is a 15-20 minute walk away) you can see people who aren’t as lucky as me. Fortunately, most people (well definitely my entire Spanish class- ‘Vivo en una casa’) do have somewhere nice to live. As we get older though, what are we to do? With university fees high and housing prices through the roof, how can we afford a decent home? Young and old, we are all part of the housing crisis and we need to make a change.

Written by Miriam | Posted on 3rd March 2015

Miriam is an 11 year old blogger from Leeds.

Website: https://miriamisreading.wordpress.com/