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Last chance to encourage MPs to commit to end the housing crisis


In the final week before the General Election on Thursday 7 May, we need your help to keep the housing crisis high on the agenda. We know you’re busy so we’ve created a really quick and simple action and provided a 2 step instruction below.

We want you to tweet your election candidates, asking them to pledge their support for the campaign:

1. Go to https://yournextmp.com/and enter your postcode to find your election candidates on

2. Copy and paste the text below into a tweet to each @candidate, changing our area to the name of your area

Suggested tweet:

@[candidate] Please retweet to support #homesforbritain in our area pic..com/0ot8rhixK6

When they see your tweet, it should look something like this

tweet screenshot

We’re tracking when politicians engage with tweets that include the #homesforbritain hashtag so we’ll be able to see which and how many candidates have retweeted.

Economist/Ipsos MORI April 2015 Issues Index

Housing is now listed 6th in the Top 10 Issues Facing Britain, according to Ipsos MORI so our message really is getting through – but we need your help now to keep it there. Any questions, please get in touch.

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Written by James Grant | Posted on 1st May 2015

James is a Digital Officer at the National Housing Federation and is managing the Homes for Britain blog. | Email: | Tel: | Mob: | : |

Website: http://www.housing.org.uk