Why should we end the housing crisis?

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  1. We should end the housing crisis because I'll never be able to afford to own my own home.
    Matt, London
  2. Too many successive governments have failed us. I would like to have grandchildren, but have given up hope. There is no future here for our young. And please build houses of a decent size!
    Christina, Hadleigh
  3. My generation (20-30 year olds) have inherited a broken country with high rental costs, outrageous letting fees, poor conditions and un-secure tenancies. To rub salt into the wound the dream of owning a house is just that, a dream. Large deposits, high mortgage costs and an over-inflated priced housing market make owning a property a hard to reach aspiration for me and many of my peers.

    Housing is a necessity - not an asset.
    Andrew, Dronfield
  4. Having a decent and affordable home where people feel secure is crucial to their wellbeing. We need to build more affordable homes so that individuals and families can live happily and thrive and that forms a base from which to build happy lives where people feel part of their communities.
    Teresa, Ilfracombe
  5. Supply of homes needs to be addressed now so that everyone (particularly younger people) can establish a proper home and family in the community.
    Lucy, Exeter
  6. I have 3 sons who have no chance of buying their own homes as we live in the South West - high property prices and low wages.
    Lyn, Crediton
  7. More affordable housing should be built so that it stops the private landlords charging more and more, as cost of living is high enough with the utilities needing to be fixed too. New homes also need to be efficient, so that energy prices will be lower anyway. There is no point building housing that is below the standard. It must be sustainable and affordable.
    Steven, Plymouth
  8. In my opinion a place to call home is a basic human right. Having somewhere decent to raise a family and take pride in can effect other decisions that people make about their lives (eg work, community involvement etc). This has an impact on whole areas and millions of people and it needs to be a positive impact. For this to happen a decent place to live is the first step.
    Heather, Worcs
  9. I was on the social housing register for 12 years and struggled to pay rent in privately-owned properties. Through no fault of my own (the landlord wanted to sell the property or move back into it, for example), I was forced to move 5 times before I eventually became homeless and the council provided temporary accommodation for 10 months before being housed permanently.
    The housing situation in this country is appalling and must change. I support any movement that addresses the housing crisis.
    Sarah, Chichester
  10. I'm 32 and want to have children but I can't afford it because they need to have place to a live. Our wages are not enough to pay bills and crazy sky high mortgages for dump shack which is the only thing we can afford.
    Katya, London
  11. I'll never be able to buy my own house unless the government change the system.
    Sophie, Southport
  12. Long term action needs to be put in place to help young people and first time renters and buyers. Do you believe that we should give housing association tenants the right to buy their own homes at a reduced when there are so many other young people working hard everyday who can't afford to get on the property ladder? If elected what will you do to help fight the housing crisis?
    Natalia, Upton
  13. My family has had to move house from private landlords three times in four years now - each time they decided to sell there properties after assuring us that we could rent long term.
    Tony, Sutton
  14. Because the poor have suffered enough with all the cuts.
    Christine, Liverpool
  15. Because its disgraceful that the sixth richest country in the developed world people are still having to live at home with their parents because they can't afford to move out.
    Claudia, Birmingham
  16. I want my children to have a house of their own that they can call a home!
    Anastasija, Doncaster
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