May 2015

A damning indictment of ‘affordable housing’ in London

Trafalgar place is one of the many new housing developments in and around the Elephant & Castle ‘regeneration zone’, an area seemingly pounced upon for development due no doubt to the combination of great location and relatively cheap land. Having fallen for the charms of Walworth I’d been keeping an eye on this particular project… Read more

Written by David Binder | Posted on 6th May 2015


To end the housing crisis, we need to bring about changes for renters now

As we approach the General Election politicians from all parties are trading promises –  thousands, hundreds of thousands, half a million homes to be built in the course of the next parliament. It’s great that all the major parties understand that we need more homes. But undersupply is only part of the problem. The size… Read more

Written by Kierra Box | Posted on 6th May 2015

Campaigns Officer at Citizens Advice


Where are the brave politicians? They’re the ones who’ll be remembered.

My alarm clock radio springs into life every morning and tells me about a new promise from one party or another. It’s then immediately countered by an opponent telling you why it won’t work. If I heard a bright shiny housing promise I might not drift off back to sleep until the sports news. Maybe… Read more

Written by Paul Diggory | Posted on 5th May 2015

Paul Diggory is Chief Executive of North Wales Housing


Low wage earners work over half the week just to pay rent

Just over a million people in England – about a fifth of the working population – earn the minimum wage. Apart from a few areas (the green patches) in most parts of the country we have found that people earning the minimum wage need to work at least 15 hours a week, every week, just… Read more

Written by Mark Henderson | Posted on 2nd May 2015

Mark Henderson is chief executive at Home Group. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the local authority and housing sectors and has been chief executive since 2008, turning Home Group into one of the UK’s largest providers of high quality housing and supported housing services and products.


Last chance to encourage MPs to commit to end the housing crisis

In the final week before the General Election on Thursday 7 May, we need your help to keep the housing crisis high on the agenda. We know you’re busy so we’ve created a really quick and simple action and provided a 2 step instruction below. We want you to tweet your election candidates, asking them to pledge their support for the campaign: 1…. Read more

Written by James Grant | Posted on 1st May 2015

James is a Digital Officer at the National Housing Federation and is managing the Homes for Britain blog. | Email: | Tel: | Mob: | : |


Don’t the next generation deserve a home to call their own?

It’s my children’s future and the future generations to come that I fear for. I don’t think my children will be able to access good quality homes or be in a position to get on the property ladder. I’m looking to make changes to my home life to prepare myself for my children’s future to be… Read more

Written by Adelle Willis | Posted on 1st May 2015

Adelle is a Cadwyn Housing Association tenant and board member