We need places shaped by local interests to end the housing crisis

Our housing crisis stems from a larger crisis in how we conceive of place and of landscape. Landscapes are the environments we shape and which, in turn, shape us. However, the control of our everyday landscapes – our cities and our countryside – have been turned over to be designed by placeless multinationals, giant developers,… Read more

Written by Tim Waterman | Posted on 23rd March 2015

Tim Waterman is a landscape architect, urbanist, writer, and critic. He is honorary editor of Landscape: the journal of the Landscape Institute and Research Associate for Landscape and Commons at the arts organisation Furtherfield. His book Fundamentals of Landscape Architecture is now out in its second edition from Bloomsbury.

The Homes for Britain Rally was more than an event

I remember walking into an empty Methodist Central Hall a year a half ago having just booked it for the Homes for Britain Rally. I looked at the huge space and thousands of empty seats with a feeling of both excitement and apprehension. Could the whole housing sector come together on a scale never seen before… Read more

Written by James Green | Posted on 20th March 2015

James Green is Head of External Affairs at the National Housing Federation and the lead on the Homes for Britain campaign.

Website: https://homesforbritain.org.uk/

Parents involve your children in the Homes for Britain campaign – competition to design their dream home

Back in 2007, my (now) husband and I purchased our first home. Our timing was terrible – it was right at the peak of the ‘boom’, house prices were soaring out of control and we were in the grips of a recession. Our fear was that if we didn’t do it then, we’d never be… Read more

Written by Rachel Vincent | Posted on 19th March 2015

Rachel Vincent is Internal Communications at Radian

Website: http://www.radian.co.uk/abouts/homes-for-britain/hfb-win

The planning system needs more than tweaking to end the housing crisis

Statistics published recently show that both new homes starts and completions are increasing, but are still some way short of what is required. So it is inevitable that the debate will continue about whether recent reforms to planning just need more time or whether further reforms are required. History shows that new Governments like to make their… Read more

Written by Sam Stafford | Posted on 16th March 2015

Sam Stafford is a Chartered Town Planner and Strategic Land Director at Barratt Developments.

Website: http://samuelstafford.blogspot.co.uk/

Politicians beware: Generation Rent’s electoral impact is just around the corner!

Manifestations of the housing crisis present themselves to me on an hourly basis. Through leading a team of staff who provide the main customer interface between those in housing need and the largest social landlord in Bradford, it is easy to smell the sense of desperation in the air as yet another citizen of the… Read more

Written by Thomas Sutton | Posted on 15th March 2015

Thomas Sutton is a Team Leader at Incommunities, a LSVT housing association in Bradford

Website: http://www.incommunities.co.uk/

I recently attended the Board Member Conference where Ruth Davison, Director of Policy & External Affairs at the National Housing Federation presented well about Ambition to Deliver and the Homes for Britain campaign. I was a bit surprised by a point from the floor about a Southern bias to the campaign being proven by the…

Written by Matthew Harrison | Posted on 14th March 2015

Matthew Harrison is chief executive of Great Places Housing Group which provides 17,000 homes across 36 local authority areas in the North West and Yorkshire. Based in Manchester, it is one of the largest developers of new homes outside of London.

Website: http://www.greatplaces.org.uk/Pages/default.aspx

Merseyside #HomesForBritain #relaytotherally Day 2

So Day Two picked up where the 22 miles of Day One had ended. If you missed it the Day One blog by Andy Williams needs to be read before this one for it to make sense! Ahead of us was another gruelling 17 mile walk / run stage, but this time followed by a… Read more

Written by Nick Atkin | Posted on 13th March 2015

Nick Atkin is Chief Executive at Halton Housing Trust

Website: http://www.haltonhousing.org/

Homes for Britain #relaytotherally from Liverpool to Warrington

A brief resume of the Liverpool to Warrington leg for Homes for Britain. From a twinkle of an idea from Jon Lord at Bolton at Home that we should walk to London to support the campaign, a few hardy souls took up the challenge, inspired by Katie Teasdale from the National Housing Federation, and made… Read more

Written by Andy Williams | Posted on 13th March 2015

Andy Williams is Director of Neighbourhood Services at Liverpool Housing Trust

Website: http://www.lht.co.uk/

Look to Hong Kong for the solution to the housing crisis

David Lammy calls it London’s ‘housing emergency’. He’s right. The housing crisis has been with us since the mid-70s but the planning profession only woke up to it around 2000. London is encircled with 35,000 hectares of land within its boundary capable of accommodating 1.7 million homes even at the lowest densities. With the Home… Read more

Written by Scott Bailey | Posted on 12th March 2015

Scott Bailey is a property development manager for FirstBase, one of London’s leading design focussed developers. His background is in town planning and he specialises in large scale redevelopments in London. Scott has spent the last 20 years dealing with housing developments around London, has worked for the GLA and London Councils as well as London’s leading developers. He holds an MBA and is a chartered town planner.

Website: http://www.firstbase.com/

I didn’t realise how important a home was until I moved into a hostel

I lived in one room in a hostel from July 2014 until January this year, with my 11-year-old daughter Cleo. My son Malachi was born while we were living there. I had lived at home with my mum but she unexpectedly became a guardian to two young family members. The house became overcrowded and we had to move… Read more

Written by Francesca | Posted on 11th March 2015

Francesca, a working mother from south London, gave birth to her baby son, Malachi while she was living in a hostel. With help from Shelter advisers, she was able to leave the hostel and create a better future for her children.

Website: http://stories.shelter.org.uk/my-babys-first-home/