The shortage of affordable housing is a key driver of homelessness

Homelessness is a crisis. It is devastating and shouldn’t happen to anyone. Every day at Crisis, we see the effects of homelessness on people’s health and wellbeing, their self-esteem, their skills, and their ability to work. That’s why our mission is to end homelessness for good. Newly published research from Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree… Read more

Written by Jon Sparkes | Posted on 11th February 2015

Jon Sparkes is the Chief Executive of Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people. Crisis works with thousands of homeless people each year helping them to turn their lives around and move away from homelessness, and campaigns for the changes needed to end homelessness in the UK.


Good private landlords should be encouraged to develop their portfolios

Debate over private rented housing has never been more intense. Many tenant groups cry foul that landlords are ripping tenants off, forgetting that independent surveys show that the vast majority of tenants are satisfied with their property. Landlords get falsely accused of defending the status quo, despite the RLA’s comprehensive package of reforms outlined in… Read more

Written by Alan Ward | Posted on 10th February 2015

Alan Ward is Chairman of the Residential Landlords Association and a landlord himself.

Announcing the next phase of #HomesForBritain: Amplify the Message

Since Homes for Britain launched in September, it is fair to say that the campaign has taken over most of my waking hours – and some of my sleeping hours too. We’ve achieved a lot already. Homes for Britain and its supporters have been telling MPs and election candidates that they must end the housing… Read more

Written by Justine Harvey | Posted on 9th February 2015

Justine Harvey is Communications Officer at the National Housing Federation, working as part the team leading on the Homes for Britain campaign.

The housing crisis can be solved, we just need leadership

“I often joke that since buying property is so far out of my reach I’m actually quite lucky. I’ve been spared the agony of it all, from the harsh realisation of what your average industry wages can afford you, to the powerlessness of not knowing how to improve your lot. That said, media headlines warning of… Read more

Written by Kasia Murphy | Posted on 6th February 2015

Kasia is 27, works in PR and lives in London in a house share with friends

Did you know if you don’t register to vote, you may fail a credit check?

With the UK Parliamentary general election fast approaching on 7 May, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that you are registered to vote by the deadline on 20 April. Last year saw the start of the transition to Individual Electoral Registration (IER), which meant a move away from the Victorian head of household… Read more

Written by Alex Robertson | Posted on 5th February 2015

Alex Robertson joined the Electoral Commission in April 2008 as Head of Media and Public Affairs, becoming Director of Communication on a twelve month secondment in October 2010. He previously held senior communications and policy roles at the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) and Transport for London. He is currently a governor at Sunnyhill Primary School, Streatham.


Why we need reform of the green belt in London and the South East

Recent reports by the London Society and the Adam Smith Institute demonstrate there is growing evidence that a comprehensive review of the purpose of the Green Belt in London and the South East is required. London simply cannot meet its housing targets without it. Did you know? Only 9% of England is developed 13% of… Read more

Written by Mike Lambert | Posted on 4th February 2015

Mike Lambert FRSA, MRTPI, MCMI (57) is Planning Director of Countryside’s New Homes and Communities division. A town planner by profession, Mike has worked in both the private and public sectors and has overseen a wide range of large and small scale development. He was previously Chief Executive Officer at Renaissance Southend Ltd, where he was responsible for co-ordinating the investment plan for the town as part of the Thames Gateway initiative.

MPs accept they can deal with the housing crisis – it’s time we saw this reflected in policy

As housing professionals, we often talk about the housing crisis, but what about the general public – the voters who will decide the outcome of the forthcoming general election? When Ipsos MORI carried out a survey for us last month (January 2015), we found out just how widely the housing crisis is being felt. Three-quarters… Read more

Written by Grainia Long | Posted on 3rd February 2015

Chief executive, Chartered Institute of Housing

Never mind the bananas, here’s the housing crisis

There’s been a fiery row recently in my village near Oxford (officially the UK’s most unaffordable place). Sparked by the council’s consultation on its local plan and the potential for fields currently designated as Green Belt to be used for new homes, it’s brought out the worst in some people. It’s also reminded me of… Read more

Written by Ian Hembrow | Posted on 2nd February 2015

Ian Hembrow has worked in housing for almost 30 years, across the council, housing association and consultancy sectors. A senior consultant with PR agency Creative Bridge (, Ian is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and a passionate community activist. He’s helped to create an award-winning local volunteer litter project and is the national housing champion for The Big Lunch – the annual community get-together ( Ian is a regular contributor to trade media including 24housing, Guardian Housing Network and Inside Housing. He’s currently helping a new local community land trust to develop its first cooperative scheme.


Housing need stretches far beyond those who will get to the top of the waiting list

Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds conjures up images of beautiful villages, market towns and affluence. You don’t think of a housing crisis which means that home ownership, or secure affordable accommodation, is an unattainable dream for the majority of young adults in our area. Average house prices are over 13 times average earnings within our operating… Read more

Written by Kate Wareing | Posted on 29th January 2015

Kate was appointed to the Cottsway board on 1 December 2008, and has been Chair since January 2012. Cottsway is a housing association in Witney, West Oxfordshire, owning 4,500+ homes across Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. Kate works as a freelance international development and housing consultant, specialising in strategic planning and governance. Prior to this, Kate was Head of Innovation and Learning at Oxfam GB, and has previously held other roles at Oxfam including Strategy Development Director and leading Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme for five years. She has also spent more than 10 years working in social housing and social care commissioning.


My weekly Telegraph column has made me realise how much one issue dominates in the UK

When I write about it 500,000 people read the column, rather than the normal 50,000. What’s more, when I write about other subjects, I see how often this problem is the root cause of other problems. It is housing – or rather the lack of housing – and the failure of any government to tackle… Read more

Written by Alex Proud | Posted on 28th January 2015

Gallerist and club owner Alex Proud is the founder of Proud Galleries and Proud Camden and appears on Channel 4's Four Rooms. He writes a regular column for Telegraph Men